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Jasmine Pineda

I create to heal myself so I can help others. Below are causes all over the world that you can get involved in.

she/her | also called Jas and Jasmelon :)

Freelance work available for photography, video editing, digital art & graphic design. Link to my portfolio/email address at the bottom. Let's do something together!

If you live in the Northern Virginia Area I personally recommend following and supporting this list (updated: 7/26/2020) of the following organizations:

These causes below are relevant to everyone and could always use some support! Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of resources and you should always be looking for ways to stay updated and involved in the local and global community.

Also, my previous bio used to highlight this resource guide and I think it'll be a great tool for a long time to come so please continue to use it and credit @samorapinderhughes

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